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How We Serve


There are lots of ways that HSA contributes to the betterment of our school community! Here are some of the main items:

  • Field Trip Buses

  • Sycamore Software

  • Playground Mulch & Sod

  • Gymnasium Floor

  • Textbooks, Desks and Lockers

  • Classroom Parties & Supplies

  • Chrome Carts & Computer Lab

  • Gifts & Appreciation

  • ....and MORE!

We also provide fun social activities for students and families, to help build community and involvement with our school:
  • New Family Social

  • 1st Day Coffee

  • Trunk or Treat

  • Dine Out Nights

  • Fall Boutique

  • Craft Day

  • Christmas Cookies

  • Catholic Schools Week Social

  • Confirmation Receptions

  • Nest Fest

  • Eagles Wings Luncheons

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