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Nest Fest 2023

Nest Fest is a five-week fundraising campaign, filled with a variety of rewards and prizes for individual students, grade levels, and the entire school when certain fundraising goals are met! Nest Fest ends in a CELEBRATION of all the hard work that went into fundraising, with an afternoon full of fun events, friendly competitions, and a theme-filled walk around the school.


NEST FEST KICKOFF: Monday, March 27

THIS YEAR'S GOAL:  $25,000



-  Benches in front of school

-  New school mural in breeze way

-  Trees in the back playground

STEP 1: Watch this video!

Check out our virtual kick-off presentation for parents! This will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know in terms of Nest Fest, collecting donations with Pledgestar, activities, prizes & more!

STEP 2: Start raising money!!

First step is to set up your PLEDGE STAR account! This is where your students fundraising dollars will be tracked. They've also got some suggested wording when you approach friends and family for a donation.

STEP 3: Track our progress!

Keep coming back to this page to see how your student and the rest of the school is progressing! Keep scrolling to see ways you can get involved, order tshirts, and stay-up-to-date with prizes won, rewards earned and - most importantly - how much money we've raised!

Help Us Make This a Great Event for Students!

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Donate Prizes!

Got any leftover Halloween or Easter candy sitting around?? Send it our way! And be sure to check out all the other types of prizes & snacks we're looking for!

Get Crafty!

If you've got the talent of CRAFT, then we're looking at YOU! Cricut specialists, Photobooth accessories, Candy Décor... So many FUN options to choose from!

Helping Hands Needed!

There will be a lot of help needed the week leading up-to and day-of the event. So if you've got some spare time and a spare set of hands, we'll put you to (FUN) work!

Calendar of Events


Raffles & Games

Student Council will be selling raffle tickets and "chances" to play Heads or Tails the weeks leading up to the big celebration! Students can purchase at school (on designated days) and friends & family can purchase the day of the event. All proceeds to go NEST FEST!

Coach Moose.png

Get Your 2023 Nest Fest Tshirts!

Order matching shirts for your family to support your student(s) (see color chart below). Have multiple students each with a different color ? That’s ok….pick a different color than theirs and voila everyone is their own “CandyLand” game piece!

Students receive a FREE tshirt when we reach our $10,000 goal, but we'll need to know their shirt size! Click on the buttons below to submit shirt sizes and to order additional shirts for the rest of the family!


Rewards & Prizes

Track our progress! Check out our fundraising goals and rewards! 

CLICK HERE to see a REAL TIME leaderboard by grade!

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